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​​Our Vets and staff are passionate about providing quality medicine and compassionate care for your pets.  We strive to treat your pets as if they were our very own.


  • ​General Health Checks

  • Vaccinations

  • Microchips

  • Surgery

  • Dentals

  • Chemotherapy

  • In-house and External Laboratory Services

  • Digital X Rays

  • Digital Dental X Rays

  • Ultrasound, Abdominal and Cardiac

  • Blood Pressure and Electrocardiograms

  • Hospitalizations

  • Export Health Certificates

  • Direct Communication with U.S Board Certified Veterinary Specialists for fast, accurate telemedicine consultations

  • Genetic Screen Tests

  • Vaccine Titer Tests

  • Tonometry

  • Acupuncture

Public Holidays 2021: Closure Period

We are closed on public holidays.

Should your pet require urgent care, Please call Westside Emergency Services at 64637228 for an appointment there.

Novel Coronavirus Outbreak: Latest Update 15/05/2021



⭐️Appointments:  While there are no restrictions on the types of appointments we can see, all consultations are by appointments only. We are unable to attend to walk ins. In an event of an emergency, please allow us to triage your pet over the phone prior to coming over to ensure we have the facilities and staff on hand.  Please ring the doorbell to let us know you are here if no one is by the front desk.


⭐️Check-in: 1 owner per pet is allowed into the clinic and consulting rooms. We offer a drop-off service where a staff member will take in your pet for the consultation, eliminating your need to check-in or wait. 


⭐️Safe-Entry: All persons entering the clinic require check-in via the TRACE-TOGETHER App or token. 

Temperature taking is mandatory, visitors who are showing signs of Acute Respiratory Infection (Cough, smell/taste impairment, fever, breathing difficulties, body aches, headaches, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhoea, and / or runny nose (even if your symptoms are mild) will be denied entry into the premise. 


⭐️Prescriptions: We continue to offer courier delivery for medication and food purchases.


⭐️Payment: Payment should be contactless, via Paynow and Paywave only.  


⭐️ Communication: To improve clinic-client communication and to stay updated, please use the Telegram App to reach out to us- Videos, discharge instructions and follow-ups will be sent via this channel. 


⭐️ Subscribe to to keep abreast of our opening hours and changing regulatory outlines. Let us know if you need help downloading and setting up the app.