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Services and Facilities


We believe in open communication and schedule half-hourly consultations to provide sufficient time to address your concerns, thoroughly examine your pet, and offer the best recommendations for their care. We understand you may need a helping hand in determining your course of action, or be provided with further information and an estimate so as to make a better decision for your pet.  We provide discharge instructions so that you can run through what our vets have mentioned in the comforts of your home.

It is advisable to make an appointment to reduce your wait time. Bring along all previous medical records and vaccination histories so that we may enter them into our database. 

Consultations are also followed up by a courtesy call or SMS to check that your pet has no problems adjusting to any medications and treatments, and to answer any further concerns you may have. 



We perform many routine elective surgeries like sterilizations, as well as soft tissue, abdominal, and selected orthopaedic and opthalmic procedures.

We understand that even putting your pet through routine surgery can be very stressful.

We make every effort to ensure your pet’s surgical experience is as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible by:


  • Providing pre-anaesthetic checkups and blood tests, which are catered to the age, breed and condition of each pet

  • Equipping you with handouts, price estimates and information so you know what to expect before and after surgery

  • Keeping you abreast of what is happening with your pet with regular follow-up calls, SMSes or emails

  • Keep all patients as pain free as possible by providing comprehensive pain management as a standard.  All patients receive pain medication before, during and after their procedures.

  • Having a nurse or vet spend time with you at discharge running through the procedures and various medications, and how to administer and care for your pet at home

  • Providing full doctors' discharge instructions so you can have a more detailed read through and understanding upon reaching home

  • Conducting follow-up calls after your pet has been discharged to make sure both you and your pet are well and recovered from the stay at our vet clinic


In the event your pet has to be hospitalized, we have them housed in an open ward next to our triage area for easy and constant monitoring. Our trained nurses check your pets regularly to ensure they are comfortable and clean. 


In addition, we also

  • Provide regular updates of your pet's condition 

  • Provide estimates for the expected cost of each stay

  • Encourage visitations during opening hours, and on request, can provide a quieter, enclosed area with a comfortable sofa when you visit, so both you and your pet can spend quality time together

  • Have a separate isolation facility with its own exhaust system so there is no cross-transfer of pathogens from contagious patients.

  • Understand that some pets get more stressed than others when away from their family, and will use pheromonal therapy to provide comfort and reassurance and reduce anxiety

  • Understand that you may wish for 24hr care for your pet, which we are currently unable to provide. We will always offer the option for referral to a 24hr facility for patients who we feel will benefit from round-the clock care, with close communication between ourselves and the referral veterinarian.


All our dentals are conducted by the veterinary surgeon, with a trained nurse constantly monitoring your pet.


  • We use professional veterinary dentistry equipment; Our dental scaler uses a gentle technique to ultrasonically remove plaque and calculus, while our polisher produces a highly polished finish on the tooth with minimal enamel damage. Our top of the range dental unit also allows for low and high speed drilling, as well as the burring of overgrown rabbit incisors and molars.


  • We require a pre-dental consult so that our vets can conduct a proper oral and overall examination and provide relevant advice as well as a customised estimate.


  • Local Anaesthetic nerve blocks are administered to all patients requiring extractions to provide maximum pain relief, followed by some take home oral pain killers.


  • Aftercare support in the form of discharge instructions, advice on suitable dental products and diets, demonstrations on how to brush your pets' teeth are provided so as to help you create a dental care regime to keep your pet smiling for years to come.


We offer our patients the services of our in-clinic, full service laboratory, providing accurate results in a short period of time. Other areas we cover include microscopy, cytology and skn diagnostics, urinalysis and sedimentation.


These tests help us to assess and monitor your pet’s health. They serve to verify that your pet is in good health, and also help in the early detection of illness or disease, uncovering underlying diseases or conditions before outward symptoms become apparent.


We also routinely utilize the services of other diagnostic laboratories for tests that we are not able to perform in our clinic, including that of export blood tests for pets travelling out of Singapore.


We are in possession of a fully automated x ray machine to provide maximum safety, speed and clarity of image towards your pet's diagnostic needs.


We offer direct communication with U.S Board Certified Veterinary Specialists for fast, accurate telemedicine consultations; your pet's radiographs can be read by a specialist in 3 hrs or under.


A copy of the x ray image will be provided to you either in the form of a disc or via email.


Ultrasound imaging allows us to safely view and record  images of your pet’s internal organs and soft tissue structures without using painful and invasive methods. In most instances, no or little sedation is required for an ultrasound to be performed. 


All full abdominal ultrasound images are read and assessed by our vets, as well as U.S Board Certified Veterinary Specialists by the time your pet is ready to go home. We will then discuss the results with you and determine the best course of action.


We use the tonopen to comfortably and accurately determine your pet's intraocular eye pressure. We make sure that they are not suffering from glaucoma. This can be especially important for pets who present with eye pain and red eye. Certain breeds like Cocker Spaniels Basset Hounds are also predisposed to primary glaucoma, and our tonopen helps to quickly diagnose this condition quickly.


Additional Equipment

We strive to continually add to our arsenal of equipment to provide the best care for your pet.

Settling Your Invoices 

You will now be able to settle your fees online. This service is provided with prior arrangement only. Please have your invoice number ready. All fees must be paid in full. Please do not pay online unless we have provided you a reference code. 

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