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Our Nurses and Receptionists

As well as providing assistance to our vets and caring for our in-patients, the veterinary nurse team provides free clinics and advice on pet healthcare and nutrition for your companion animal.

Erson Velasco
Veterinary Nurse

Hailing from Manila, Erson has had pets all his life, and is passionate about the care provided towards animals big, small, furry, feathery, scaley and anything in between.


He is keen on picking up new veterinary techniques and meeting people with same passion for the care and proper treatment of animals. He believes that only by constantly upgrading his skills will he be able to give his best.


Back in the Philippines, he keeps a couple of big snakes, which he misses the cuddles of. During his spare time, he loves going to the movies with his wife, playing basketball, sketching and playing the bass guitar together with his bandmates.

Low Kai Lin
Veterinary Nurse

Kai graduated with a diploma in Marine and Offshore Technology, specialising in Naval Architecture (Design). Her love for animals, however, overtook her interest in ship design and she decided to apply for a position in veterinary nursing 3 years ago and she's never looked back since. She remains keen in learning different elements of veterinary care and is currently enrolled to complete the Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.

She has a huge soft spot for cats, especially Ragdolls, as well as Shetland Sheepdogs. Her interests outside of work involve anime, makeup, RPGs, food and more food. Weak against roaches; will run for her life. 

Amanda Soh
Veterinary Nurse

Amanda graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from University of Western Australia (UWA). She has been with animals all her life.


Before joining Town Vets she was working in a pet farm. Wanting to bring animal care to a new level is what made her join a veterinary clinic and continue to be in the animal industry. She is currently enrolled to complete the Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing.


During her time off, she enjoys the company of her dogs  and can be seen grooming and training them. Her other interests include aquascaping, shrimp keeping and fishing.

Magdelene Ooi
Veterinary Nurse

Magdelene graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing. Her love for animals prompted her to make a career change to veterinary care. She is patient and meticulous when handling the patients and you will always see her cuddling or calming the animals down during treatments.


She is currently intending on increasing her knowledge by pursuing a certificate IV in veterinary nurse studies.
When she takes time off on the land , she goes scuba diving to explore the underwater animal world .

Dog Portrait
Neil Soriano
Veterinary Nurse

Neil is our newest member of the team but has been a vet nurse in Singapore since 2016.

Audrey Cheong
Veterinary Receptionist

Born and raised in Brunei, Audrey grew up in a family passionate about pets. From a very early age, she was exposed to different types of wild and domesticated animals in her very own backyard! 


After moving to Singapore in 2009, Audrey gained several years of working experience in sales & marketing roles, before pursuing her passion out of love for fur kids. 


When she is not on duty at the clinic, Audrey unwinds with Netflix shows while giving tender loving care to the pets that she pet boards/pet sit at home. 

dog in costume
Chong Woon Yong
Veterinary Receptionist
Closeup of a Black Dog
Jerry Norfor
Veterinary Receptionist
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